My Personal Brand Statement – Module 6

My Personal Brand Statement:

“I help organizations achieve their goals by being multi-talented, extremely conscientious and having a courteous personality to effectively deal with my fellow team members.”

I developed my personal brand by following the infographic, personal branding working plan, provided in Module 1 and taking the advice given by the personal branding Guru, William Arruda which was, consideration of my unique values, being authentic, and identifying what made me an exceptional person to target my audience.

By following the steps in the infographic, I developed a work plan and determined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats at each step (SWOT analysis).  The first step was to assess myself and consider my personality, abilities, and passions, and I came up with many words to signify these such as being a friendly, courteous, and honest person.  I picked my unique characteristic which was “courteous”, because in my experience, I have met many who are not courteous, and who are even rude and aggressive.  I value presenting my views to people politely rather than antagonize them.  The next steps were to identify what I have done and needed to do such as my experiences, objectives, skills, and knowledge as well as to identify my target audience and how I could sell myself from my performance and services.  Having many skills such as being organized, ability to prioritize tasks, having great computer skills, and analytical skills etc., I chose the term “multitalented” to signify my various skills in one word and picked the word “conscientious” as a selling point to target my audience.

The last step I took was to contemplate on what my competitive advantage was and the reason to choose me to make me stand out, and I wanted to convey that I could effectively work in a team.  Ultimately, I derived my brand statement by taking into consideration the words I selected and indicated that I could definitely contribute to the organization to achieve its goals.


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