Social Media Best Practices

An  important social media best  practice is creating brand awareness and creating a brand.  Why do you think creating brand awareness is important? This is important because it allows increased access to our public profile.  In addition, being able to interact with others actively is important.   We have to market ourselves to achieve our personal and career goals by entering useful information.  What happens if we do not create a brand? If we do not do this, we will fall behind everyone else and be left out from the society as a whole.  When we meet someone or go for an interview what do you think the first thing they will do?  They will try to search our information online.  If we do not have a brand, internet might still give information on us but this may not depict our best attributes.  By creating a brand showing our best qualities we can avoid this and it should be updated on an ongoing basis.

If our goal is to promote ourselves, we have to engage ourselves with our followers, mainly professional associates.  It might be worthwhile to spend money and create designs, audio or video services.  If we do not respond to users comments & questions we will be unaware of how our audience responds.  To be on top of things do you not think that it would be best that we keep tab on our feedback and other’s feedback?  I think it would be best to ask for help if we need it.  We could even create a survey.  To be up to date, don’t you think it would be best to monitor and listen to social channels on a regular basis?  This will keep us informed of current news, events, and other information.



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